Materials for challenge participants

The following are materials that you should obtain in order to participate in the challenge. Please download corresponding items.

Data & Task files (common for SE and ASR tasks)

  • Data (i.e. dev, eval and training data)
    • Step 2: Use a shell script ( in this zip file to reorganize downloaded WSJCAM0 and MCWSJ into an appropriate directory structure (which is also compatible with the Kaldi recipe) assumed in the challenge. Note that the shell script requires Matlab, SoX´╝łSound eXchange) to decode .flac files, and an internet connection to collect necessary items.
  • Task files
    • If you are using Kaldi, the task files will be downloaded in the Kaldi recipe. So you do not have to download the task files by yourself from here.
    • If you are NOT using Kaldi (doing only speech enhancement evaluation or doing ASR evaluation but with your own ASR system), please prepare the task files as follows.
      • Task files for the dev set: They are included in the evaluation tools of both SE and ASR tasks
      • Task files for the eval set: Please download them from here
        Please copy the content of taskFiles_et.tgz to the directory containing the task files (i.e. "/taskfiles" for SE tool, and "/taskFiles" for the ASR tool).
        Please read the following readme files for instructions about how to use the evaluation task files,

Evaluation tools for SE/ASR task

If you have any questions regarding the challenge data and baseline system, please contact us.

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