Results for the ASR task

Here you can find the results submitted to the REVERB challenge for the ASR task.
For the results for the SE task, please see Result(SE) tab.

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Word error rate (WER)

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# of ch:
  • 8ch
  • 2ch
  • 1ch
Proc. Scheme:
  • Full batch
  • utterance-based
  • real-time
Acoustic model:
  • Own dataset
  • Multi-condition (provided by challenge)
  • Clean (provided by challenge)
  • Own recognizer
  • Challenge baseline recognizer (w/ cmllr)
  • Challenge baseline recognizer (w/o cmllr)

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    Note that results that slightly diverge from the challenge regulation are marked with * next to the author name in the legend. Please refer to the corresponding papers for the details. Updated results can also be found in the papers.

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